Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your spa business called ‘The White Peacock’?

The White Peacock is named after a unique animal that, despite its unadorned feathers, often draws as much attention as its more colorful kin. The animal's subtle, yet striking look embodies the salon's philosophy: "Beauty is bold in its simplest form."  Our goal is to enhance a person’s natural beauty and help them embrace themselves.

Do white peacocks exist?

Yes, they do. They are as elegant as their colorful counterparts.

What sets us apart from other spas?

· Client-Esthetician collaboration: We listen to our clients. When rendering services, we listen to clients to meet their needs.  It is a real collaborative effort. We also manage client expectations to ensure there are no surprises.

· Genuine care for client satisfaction: We create a warm atmosphere where clients can unwind.

· Education:  The White Peacock educates clients on skincare and bikini area maintenance.

· Quality products: We use quality products, e.g. our waxing system is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

· Clean environment: Implements are sanitized before and after each client.


· Customized results-oriented spa services: Our facials give clients the best of both worlds- results and relaxation.

Anti-aging and rejuvenating hand treatments.